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mood: tiredish...but good (I'm still kinda achey from crashing two times while rollerskating for the first time yestarday though XD)
listening to: "Rock and roll fantasy" by Bad company
watching: earlier "Encino man"
eating: Takis
drinking: Pepsi
reading: just started "A hole in space" too yestarday

yay! my Jay and Silent Bob shirt is coming in the mail! 0u0

So anyway, I've gotten great ideas for my comics and drawings! I'm working on some more comics for my "Shout it out loud" series, not just a one page comic, but in parts! and I'm introducing a few new characters too! Seth, Leroy's 14 year old brother will be making his first appearance, Danny, the new cool guy in Murphy, Leroy's, and Garret's highschool, and Julie, a girl Murphy has a crush on and later becomes his girlfriend (but there's a twist in the comic she's being featured in!). I've been tossing around the idea...even though Seth hasn't been introduced yet, I was thinking of a possible spin off series with him. I was thinking of it focusing on him and his friends in 1980-'81-'82-'83 (an extra year than SIOL) when he's 17/18 (since Murphy, Leroy, and Garett are 17/18 but they remain the same age through out the series). I might do that...

And also for my "When I was an alien" series I'll post a few one page comics then I'll post the one I've been working on that's  in parts.

And also I'll be working on new drawings for my "Schoolyard" series! and maybe also some one page comics! :). And I'll do some drawings and stuff for my fictional bands! :D

Hope everyone has been having a good Spring break and has a nice Easter! :) and if you don't have a Spring break, then I hope things have been going well for you! :D


freddyvsjasonvsme's Profile Picture
United States
i don't live up to my username! i used to draw horror movie fanart and stuff but then it stopped being a muse sorry :/ i wish i could change it!

hi i'm Reagan!
my art is pretty bad...but i hope you like it anyway? XD
may not be the sharpest knife in the knife drawer but...*pshhh!* whatever
uh...some other stuff about me: I really enjoy movies, music, animation, and comics. And i love going to the library and bookstore.

Current Residence: "come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow!"
Favourite genre of music: rock, grunge, 60's/70's/80's/90's pop and rock, heavy metal and it's subgenres, punk, and other stuff
Favourite style of art: 2-D animation, rotoscope, claymation, 80's comic book style, and i like when drawings or cartoons are roughly drawn or gritty looking kinda like the animation in the movie "Heavy metal" or something like that
MP3 player of choice: CD player
Shell of skulls count? XD
Wallpaper of choice: currently shark vs. train!
Skin of choice: do you think i'm a cannibal or something? (ok, i like it with ranch dip!)
Favourite cartoon character: Evil Ernie, Toki Wartooth, Mastershake, Omar from "Rock and rule", and Trent name a few!
Personal Quote: *holds up wiffle ball bat* "WHO ATE THE LAST PACK OF DUNKAROOS!?"

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