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Innocence by freddyvsjasonvsme
Wanted to try my hand at drawing another skeleton, I like how this came out too, but the right arm came out looking kinda...."rubbery" looking? XD =P (sorry if any other anatomy looks a little off too :P).

Got the idea to draw this after listening to this song:
Rotten Apple - Alice in Chains - YouTube 
Thorns by freddyvsjasonvsme
I drew a skeleton for the first time and then decided to color it in and add a few details =) I like how it came out, but sorry if any of the anatomy is off, the internet was down so the only reference picture I had to use was this one picture from a graphic novel on my ipod pictures I once used for wallpaper that showed a few good details and some by memory.

Got a little bit of inspiration from this song too: 
Alice in chains - Brother (lyrics) - YouTube 
Aren't you worried your piercings are gonna rust? by freddyvsjasonvsme
Aren't you worried your piercings are gonna rust?
My character Brynard! Wanted to do an underwater in the pool picture with him too =D  

(I wouldn't recommended putting instruments underwater though, but since this is a cartoon it's ok XD I don't know if piercings rust or change color when exposed to water for a period of time though Shrug I just wanted to use that as a title heheh =P).
Kids of the black hole by freddyvsjasonvsme
Kids of the black hole
My new characters for my series "Wanna be anarchy"! 

From left to right is: 18 year old Jude Abel who is into the OI! punk scene, 19 year old "switchblade" "switch" Zander Caballero who is in a band with other characters Robert "napalm" Jaurez and "anarchy Ashton" Rios called To question me who sometimes play their tapes on Robert's and Ashton's campus radio show "Shut up and tune in", and 17 year old Diggy Raden who is jokingly referred to as "the baby" of the group due to him being the youngest among his friends and only being 5'3 heheh. (I decided to change his hairstyle).
Mood: Good (but this laptop is annoying me!)
Listening to: "Fine again" by Seether
Eating: pizza rolls

So I wanted to do this character question thing I found =)

1. What is your character's name?
Shepard, Demetri, Randy

2. Age
Shep: 18 Dem: 20 Randy: 19

3. Birth Place
Shep: Actually born in Germany and lived there till he was 1 yrs. old Dem: Minnesota Randy: San Fernando CA

4.What does your character look like?
Shep: A round freckled covered face with a "soft" facial structure, scrawny body with lanky arms and legs, wears glasses Dem: long face with a goatee, average body build, long and lanky arms and legs, sometimes wears glasses Randy: Average body type and facial structure, has a small goatee.

5. What kind of eyes do they have? 
Shep: Dark brown Dem: dark green Randy: Caramel brown

 6. What kind of hair do they have?
Shep: Wavy, shoulder length, and auburn Dem: Long, light brown, and stringyish Randy: Shaggy and dark brown with two long pieces of bangs that he likes to dye different colors.

7. Height
Shep: 5'4 Dem: 6'2 Randy: 5'6

8. Where do they live?
In a dorm room on a college campus in Richmond VA

9. Favorite musical artists?
Shep: Strapping young lad, Gwar, Death, High on fire. Dem: A perfect circle, Devin Townsend project, Strapping young lad, Tool, Seether. Randy: KMFDM, Rammstein, Puscifer, Dope, Monster magnet, Rob Zombie.

10. Favorite kind of music?
Shep: Metal, especially Progressive and technical stuff Dem: He likes metal too and alternative stuff Randy: Techno, cyber goth and other gothic music, dark electronica, industrial, metal.

11. Favorite food
Shep: Banana pudding Dem: Fried rice Randy: Pizza

12. What do they like to do outside of home?
On weekends they like to go to a club hang out place a mile away from the campus called The magic eye (Type of place like that place that Neo went to where he met Trinity in "The matrix"). And Randy likes to go to this cyber goth hang out a block away from The magic eye club called The digital bunker.

13. Have they ever been drunk? 
Shep: Once, and it was a bit of a whacky and strange experience for him that was not pretty XD Dem: No Randy: He occasionally likes Vodka but no.

14. What are they like when they stay up all night?  
Shep: A mess Dem: Same as usual, but he might get sleepy later Randy:Gets pissy

15. Tattoos or piercings?
Shep: Has a snake tattoo that looks a little crudely done going down his left leg Dem: None randy: None

16. Kiss or Hug?
Shep: hug Dem: Both Randy: Kiss, and probably more than that XD

17. Is there an animal you equate with your character? 
Shep: Kitten Dem: Coy fish Randy: Does dragon count? =P

18. What would your character’s cutie mark be?
Shep: Maybe a "Parental advisory" sticker since I always draw him with that shirt? haha Dem: Maybe a ying yang symbol Randy: Biohazard symbol

19. How does your character smell? Do they wear perfume or cologne? 
Shep: Maybe like fresh cotton shirts out of the laundry? Dem: The shampoo he likes to use? Randy: The inside of a Spencer's gifts store and cigarettes. 

20. Pick one word to describe your character
Shep: Baby (well, not in a bad context) Dem: Nurturing Randy: Bootleg Calvin urinating on something bumper sticker (yes, that was more than one word but whatevs =P).


freddyvsjasonvsme's Profile Picture
United States
i don't live up to my username! i used to draw horror movie fanart and stuff but then it stopped being a muse sorry :/ i wish i could change it!

hi i'm Reagan!
my drawings kinda suck..but i hope you like them anyway? XD
uh...some other stuff about me: I really enjoy movies, music, animation, and comics. And i love going to the library and bookstore.

Current Residence: "come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow!"
Favourite genre of music: rock, grunge, 60's/70's/80's/90's pop and rock, heavy metal and it's subgenres, punk, psychedelic, and other stuff
Favourite style of art: 2-D animation, rotoscope, claymation, 80's comic book style, and i like when drawings or cartoons are roughly drawn like in the cartoon "The head" or gritty looking kinda like the animation in the movie "Heavy metal" or something like that
MP3 player of choice: record player
Shell of skulls count? XD
Wallpaper of choice: "Fire of an unknown origin" album cover
Skin of choice: do you think i'm a cannibal or something? (ok, i like it with ranch dip!)
Favorite cartoon character: Evil Ernie, Toki Wartooth, Mastershake, Omar from "Rock and rule", and Trent name a few!
Personal Quote: "Do you remember when...yeah so do I...we called those the uh...."salad days"...yeah, "salad days" heheh"- Minor threat

You can find me elsewhere here:

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