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''Nepenthe from thy memories of Lenore....'' by freddyvsjasonvsme
''Nepenthe from thy memories of Lenore....''
I did an "underwater in the pool" drawing of my characters Lenore and Rhain, but I also wanted to do one of just her. =)

(Her name is a reference to the woman mentioned in Edgar Allen Poe's poem, "The raven" hence the title =D).
Your mascara is bound to run by freddyvsjasonvsme
Your mascara is bound to run
It may be Fall now, but I wanted to squeeze in another one of these "underwater in the pool" drawings again, this time with my characters Lenore and Rhain, the gothy couple!

This one I especially had a lot of fun doing! With all the different details and fun swirly hair! =D
Work sucked...I know by freddyvsjasonvsme
Work sucked...I know
(Kudos if you get what the title is referencing! =P)

My characters, Lenore doesn't like her boring job at the Frosty dip ice cream joint at the mall, but it's pizza night tonight at her house so that makes up for everything! Because pizza makes everything better! (Or at least to me it does).
Calibrate you by freddyvsjasonvsme
Calibrate you
A drawing I did of my characters Rhain and Lenore.....Rhain thinks Lenore's a godeeess 0_o

Also listening to this four times made me think of them too:

Collide - "Euphoria" (Official Video) (HD) - YouTube
Skateboard alien! by freddyvsjasonvsme
Skateboard alien!
Where you gonna go?
Shred central
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna say?
Like, where's the bowl, dude?

What if aliens don't visit us because their scared of us, we're the aliens to them, the strange beings, too scared to step on our foreign land....alien  Give Peace A Chance 

Too bad they aren't real though! =P


freddyvsjasonvsme's Profile Picture
United States
i don't live up to my username! i used to draw horror movie fanart and stuff but then it stopped being a muse sorry :/ i wish i could change it!

hi i'm Reagan!
my drawings kinda suck..but i hope you like them anyway? XD
uh...some other stuff about me: I really enjoy movies, music, animation, and comics. And i love going to the library and bookstore.

Current Residence: "come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow!"
Favourite genre of music: rock, grunge, 60's/70's/80's/90's pop and rock, heavy metal and it's subgenres, punk, psychedelic, and other stuff
Favourite style of art: 2-D animation, rotoscope, claymation, 80's comic book style, and i like when drawings or cartoons are roughly drawn like in the cartoon "The head" or gritty looking kinda like the animation in the movie "Heavy metal" or something like that
MP3 player of choice: record player
Shell of skulls count? XD
Wallpaper of choice: "Fire of an unknown origin" album cover
Skin of choice: do you think i'm a cannibal or something? (ok, i like it with ranch dip!)
Favorite cartoon character: Evil Ernie, Toki Wartooth, Mastershake, Omar from "Rock and rule", and Trent name a few!
Personal Quote: "Do you remember when...yeah so do I...we called those the uh...."salad days"...yeah, "salad days" heheh"- Minor threat

Art trades and requests are always welcome! (but I do have my limitations on what I could draw such as if something is considered highly inappropriate to me or makes me uncomfortable then I'll have to call it off, unless perhaps there's something else you had in mind that would be 100% ok for me to do...).

You can find me elsewhere here:

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brandan97 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Neat stuff you have here. I like how a majority of your stuff is rock-influenced.
freddyvsjasonvsme Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
Thanks! and thanks for the fav and watch! La la la la 
yeah, I love a lot of rock music heheh =)
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