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Zig zag McCandyflip by freddyvsjasonvsme
Zig zag McCandyflip
I meant to post this on here like....months ago 0_o

But yeah, this is my cartoon character Zig zag McCandyflip, the old fashioned rubber hose cartoon styled raver. I got the idea for him after listening to some early 90's "Madchester" rave dance music. Man I actually really wanna find a pair of UFO pants....  so expensive....Sad Malachite Icon 3 
You cool, man? by freddyvsjasonvsme
You cool, man?
I wanted to try and draw my character Woodstock Warren in a style like Robert Crumb's, or other counterculture underground comic artists. I couldn't nail Robert Crumb style so I made it a style similar to old hippie underground comics.
Pastel goth Rhain? by freddyvsjasonvsme
Pastel goth Rhain?
So I felt like drawing what my character Rhain would look like if I change his color scheme to pastel colors.....
Pick it up pick it up pick it up Chewy! by freddyvsjasonvsme
Pick it up pick it up pick it up Chewy!
I doodled Chewy the chihuahua again! And I was listening to a lot of ska too...
Let me show you how I lean by freddyvsjasonvsme
Let me show you how I lean
I was goofing around and thought one of my flannels made me look like a cholo XD so I thought this would make a good I.D. photo on here. Did I ever tell you guys about the time my friends Luis and J.P. were playing gangster characters for our theater improve play so like we were a mafia that consisted of a son (my friend), a dad (me), and my other friend dressed like a cholo XD so we joke around about that now.

(Plus unintentional cosplay as my character Mikey? No not really XD).
Mood: Good
Listening to:"Real solution #9 (mambo mania mix)"  White zombie
Watching: Ink masters
Drinking: Coke

Ok so I felt like doing another interesting survey, this one I found on Tumblr! =D

1. What's been the best day of your life so far, and why?
Well, of this year I'd say my birthday April 12th, I got to be with all my friends, especially one who went to Guatemala for a few weeks, I hope he's doing ok. And my older brother came back home too that week and stuff. In general that was a good week and nothing upsetting got to me.

2. Relationship status as of right now
Went right straight to second....but I don't know if we're a thing yet? He's a good friend though.

3. Last time you laughed so hard that tears streamed down your face, and what was it at?
Yesterday afternoon, my friend Aleah told me this really funny story that happened that morning.

4. Sexual orientation 
It's like *sees boy* *Thinks: HI 0_0* XD or *Sees fine girlie* *Thinks: Let me touch your goddess like hair and scoot closer to you* XD so yeah, bi like a cycle!

5. View on achohol and drugs
*Shrugs* I personally would never touch hard chemical stuff. And beer tastes disgusting so.....but people choosing to do that stuff is none of my business.

6. Do you have any scars, if so how did you get them?
A small one on my right hand under my pinky that looks like scar tissue, got burned.

7. Name somewhere you'd like to move or visit
*"El Paso" by Marty Robbins starts playing*. As to where I would like to visit, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Prague.

8. Name five people who are famous who you find attractive
In no particular order really:
1. Cliff Burton
2. Dave Mustaine
3. Layne Staley
4. Bettie Page
5. Elvira

9. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If not, would you want any!
I had my ears pierced when I was eight, I wore earrings until I was in 7th grade? I would probably get them pierced again someday. I would also get a nose and eyebrow ring and that's it. As for tattoos no. But I think it would be cool to get a two headed snake or Chinese dragon on my arms and make that when I put my arms together the picture would merge into one big image, or a graveyard angel statue on my leg, I probably would'nt get anything too crazy like a two headed snake though, I'd just thought it would be a cool design.

10. Can you do any accents other than your own?
I'd say I could do a pretty good Irish accent, and Southern.

11. Can you roll your R's?
After doing mostly Latin songs in chorus honey you know it.

12. What's the closest thing to you that's red?
A card my friend Alex gave me that has gold Chinese characters written on it and a small coy fish design.

13. Do you like musicals?
"Mama who booooore meeeee, mama who gaaaaave meeee, no way to handle things who made me so saaad, mama the weeping, mama the angels, no sleep in Heaveeeen or Bethleheeeem"- Spring awakening (So yes! especially older ones).

14. How do you look right now?
First class white trash! XD

15. What are your initials?

16. Have you ever used a gun?
0_o Uh, no. Except for a BB gun this one time out in the woods.

17. Do you like hugs?

18. Has anyone ever put their arms around you in the past 5 weeks?

19. What did you dream last night?
I was in a room with a cot in it, a big flickering TV, and I was breaking glass and putting the small shards in my mouth....yeah I don't either, man.

20. Do you sleep with the door open or closed?
Ever since I was a little kid I have slept with it open, I don't really know why, I guess just a long running habit.

21. What are your favorite online stores?
Amazon,,, Ebay

22. Do you buy a lot of stuff online?
I mean well, I usually buy clothes online, but not too often really.

23. If so, what?
I usually get t shirts, CDs, and vhs tapes. Sometimes comics and books but I mostly buy that at stores.

24. What's your desk top backgrounds?
A Chinese dragon 70's black light poster.

25. Are you gothic?
I'd say so

26. Are you punk?
Inside and out :3

27. Are you a nerd?
When it comes to some things

28. What language do you want to learn?
More Spanish and Latin, Gaelic, Italian.

29. Who is your best friend?
Aleah, Leslie, Nate, Zack, Luis ("Mi hijo"), Kaprice, Tanvi, Alex, Daniella, Brandon, Stephanie, Shelby, J.P., Zora.

30. How late do you sleep in?
11am to occasionally into the afternoon like close to 1or 2:00

31. Salty, sweet, sour, or spicy?

32. Horror or comedy?

33. Is your hair long enough for a ponytail?
Yeah, I like to put it in regular pigtails/braided pigtails

34. When did you last hold hands?
Yesterday, for like....7 seconds XD

35. Would you rather live without music or TV
TV I guess, I have favorite TV shows, but I love music way more.…


freddyvsjasonvsme's Profile Picture
United States
I don't live up to my username! I used to draw horror movie fan art and stuff but then it stopped being a thing sorry :/ I wish i could change it! (although I still love horror flicks)

hi I'm Reagan!
my drawings kinda suck..but I hope you like them anyway? XD
uh...some other stuff about me: I really enjoy movies, music, animation, and comics. And I love going to the library and bookstore.

Current Residence: "come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow!"
Favourite genre of music: rock, grunge, 60's/70's/80's/90's pop and rock, heavy metal and it's subgenres, punk, psychedelic, and other stuff
Favourite style of art: 2-D animation, rotoscope, claymation, 80's comic book style, and i like when drawings or cartoons are roughly drawn like in the cartoon "The head" or gritty looking kinda like the animation in the movie "Heavy metal" or something like that
MP3 player of choice: record player
Shell of skulls count? XD
Wallpaper of choice: I like to make cool fan art my cell phone wallpaper
Skin of choice: do you think i'm a cannibal or something? (ok, i like it with ranch dip!)
Favorite cartoon character: Evil Ernie, Toki Wartooth, Mastershake, Omar from "Rock and rule", and Trent name a few!
Personal Quote: "Uno uno tres please get out of my face"-A cool remix I heard

Art trades and requests are always welcome! (but I do have my limitations on what I could draw such as if something is considered highly inappropriate to me or makes me uncomfortable then I'll have to call it off, unless perhaps there's something else you had in mind that would be 100% ok for me to do...).

You can find me elsewhere here:

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